"Her Royal Highness Princess Department Damrong Rajanupab" when title is held. HRH The Ice Princess of Pediatrics has come. The school teaches Thailand Elementary school Based on the Middle Temple. Bay district, Muang district. Limited on 18 July 2426 in the year 2443 XVI ascended Su Rain ultrathin mulatto. Minister of Justice has Commanded to teaching at secondary level up to another level. The school building is an independent school is the school's first line of offense later became. School Prakan year 2445 offseason ruler Raja illustrate chief tax has established another school building for girls in the area is measured using the school's name and years later. The boys are enrolled in school became coeducational.

                      2481 school year Prakan Women Separate transfer student from school. Samut Prakan and started school at Temple dossier on an area of ​​about three rai open classes from Grade 3 to Grade 3 Mrs. stream's Not Available is the first principal is building two houses, the house Sangruji. With bonded Observation Mission

                     Ms. Bush's 2485 year period that Prof. meet the school principal's office instead of moving to Uthai Thani, Samut Prakan girls schools have increased prosperity. Gain the trust of parents. Send their children to study a lot and to expand the school. Due to the cramped facility on 8 August 2499 school years, women have moved from. The original is located at 489 Bay Road, Muang district, Samut Prakan province. The donated land from the Royal splendid Aakษrlakษns 5 acres and Department of the ordinary purchase, 5 rai total area of ​​10 rai 2 ngan 57 square wah of a new school is located away from the school, approximately 1 km later. 2520, donated the land. Ms. Sri complete Sidhichai another 190 meters, the total area of ​​all 11 acres 47 square meters.

                     Currently, the school's Prakan A large high school special ed under the jurisdiction of the school district, six hours taught since grade school that was 1-6 with a vision. A lively study Management under good governance. Towards international standards on the basis of Thailand. The school has established the Learning Process. The learner is a learning process, integrated navigation key and a threefold process of integration in learning activities. Womens Samut school teaching basic courses and more courses. Appropriate And community needs Also Event Add encourage students have a moral good physical health, mental health, learning, social assistance benefits. Womens Samut School Education is a state entity so as to comply. The regulatory commission districts Prakan District 1 with the guidelines. The division of work and responsibilities of the Academies Act 2548 the school was divided into four groups: administration.

                    1. Aeronautics Administration Its task is to develop teacher curriculum. Learning process Learning Media Innovation and technology education student activities. Education and career Quality Assurance Research to improve the quality of educational measurement and evaluation, transfer of registration to students.

                    2. Management and Budget Its task is to mobilize resources for investment in education. Financial Management and Procurement Admin & students. Vehicles of the school plan and budget monitoring reports of operations. The control system Local authorities

                    3. Management of Student Affairs is responsible for the manpower. Positioning and strengthening Performance Maintain discipline and discipline of teachers and students. Student supporting system to promote moral development. Ethics and the students Democracy promotion Security, protection, drugs and AIDS.

                    4. Management is responsible for the management and organization development. And encourage and promote Academic support budget, personnel and general administration. Care Premises Public education, public services and other services for health, nutrition and welfare information system for library preparation Census learners. Information Technology Coordination with the education area. Other agencies and community

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